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Our Blog

BH Holistics for you

Life as a massage & holistic therapist.

I am so sad today, yesterday the latest government announcement said I can't fully open to all my clients until April 8th. 

I am grateful I'm still able to help a few clients with Reiki up until then but I miss my normal life. Going into Adlib everyday and catching with the most beautiful women I know, seeing my lovely clients and hearing their stories, seeing their new baby pictures, giving them time to breathe, chill, relax, download, release and helping them feel so much better than they did, calmer, happier & relaxed.

I love what I do !! Roll on April xx

BH Holistics is a promise ....

Where your experience is exquisite.....

BH Holistic's is a Massage and Holistic therapy centre and training academy and it is all about you ! To experience your unique personal therapy combination, learn a therapy or receive Holistic life coaching.

This is a safe place, a time just for you, to find help, understanding and holistic wisdom.

So whether you have a tight neck and shoulders and are looking for a deeply soothing, relaxing massage or your head is going to explode with stress and anxiety and need some healing balancing therapy  or you are ready to write your new story in life with the help of coaching, I would love to help you, just get in touch ....

Spiritual therapy experience

I can honestly say that Reiki therapy changed my life, Reiki guides you on your journey and path to spiritual development. When you open your mind to trying something new and trying this beautiful therapy called Reiki. you realise it isn't actually weird this energy thing, this energy thing is actually our life vibration.

Our energies get low, blocked, out of balance and Reiki helps lift our energy & vibration, unblocks and rebalances. Also something magical happens when your spiritual chakras become lifted and energised , you become open to new experiences with your inner sight and intuition.

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informative entries

Reiki accredited to NOS

Reiki accredited to NOS CNHC

Reiki is recognised as a medical/ health service and service related to mental health which allows you to be able to offer your services during the restrictions of the pandemic if you are registered with the CNHC .

You must only provide the therapies you are registered for, on a one-to-one basis to clients, for an identified mental or physical health condition or injury that is causing them pain or having an adverse impact on their mobility or their quality of life.

You must be able to evidence that your therapeutic intervention is supporting your client with their condition. You can do this by recording their health condition and giving a clear rationale in your client's care record for the treatment that you are providing.

This is an amazing development for all Reiki practitioners who feel proud of the valued therapy they offer and work to a high national occupational standard at all times.

If you would like to become accredited with the CNHC and need help, reach out to me and I can help you .

I am a Reiki master teacher and work as an assessor for the educational department in the Reiki Federation.

Love and Light

Make a wish and plan for the future

Lets look forwards and make plans for the future

Posted on 5 February, 2021 at 6:40

Change your life, look forwards past the Covid pandemic , we have come further than we have to go.

Imagine you have a magic wand and can make a wish !

What will you wish for ?

What will you change?

How will your life look when your wish is true?

Will you create your own business? have flexible time to have more time with the people you love most, will you find a new hobby, get creative, will you get fit healthy and active?

Do you want to help other people, feel valued and love the work you do?

Holistic therapies, Reiki thterapy and massage therapy all work together beautifully and at BH Holistics you can learn and train to be a practitioner in any one or all of these.

Lets begin today with your new start and book onto one of the courses, call me to know more or discuss which course or courses will be most suitable for you, or where to start?

Discover your passion for Holistic therapies

A lot of Holistic therapists specialise and qualify in one therapy, others wish to reach to a wider client base learning other therapies that link to and add to therapies

Where do you begin?

Discover your passion within Holistic therapies, I began my journey into Holistics with Reiki therapy which helped me understand and integrate with energies, I can feel the difference of receiving a therapy experience from someone who is attuned to Reiki and works within the world of energies as it creates a deeper level of work. I loved the Holistic understanding of each and every bodies unique world and qualified as a Holistic Life Coach and progressed to learn as many holistic and massage therapies as I could, as each one I learned linked to the next to further my knowledge and experience to help my clients.

If you are interested and passionate in learning energy work and healing start with Reiki.

If you are wanting to learn hands on practical therapies as in massage, 

Indian head massage is a good place to begin, as you start your journey of learning massage techniques and the power of touch. Indian head massage is a nice short course to build your confidence and help you on your way to other massage courses.

Indian face massage follows on beautifully from the Indian head massage course and you can easily add to your treatment list with learning Hopi Candle therapy to cover the whole head area.

Holistic massage is an amazing beautiful full body massage, you need to commit to a lot of work for this course, but you will be rewarded with 'so much' that it is well worth the hard work.

Reflexology is a different unique massage technique using mostly your thumbs in a caterpillar movement across the reflex points of your feet. I teach this as a Holistic therapy for a whole-body experience and my clients love it! Reflexology is often learned as a therapists one therapy to specialise in, but many learn this amazing therapy to add to their existing therapy list. Reflexology is a very popular therapy with my clients at the moment.